At Union Church, we place a high value on membership. As Christians, we have been brought into Union with Jesus, and have been made members of the family of God. It is our desire then at Union Church to make our commitment to Jesus and his people visible through covenanting to the local church. This unity is expressed in loving and worshiping God, in knowing and being known, loving and being loved by our church family, and in seeking the good of our neighbors and city together.

The process of becoming a member at Union Church includes four simple steps:

1) Attend the Class

Our membership class is offered three times per year, and includes three one hour meetings following the worship service on Sunday. The parts are:

  • What Is Church Membership?
  • UC Doctrine Statement
  • UC Vision and Values

This class is completely open to anyone who is interested or has questions on membership.

2) Meet the Pastor(s)

After completing the class, individuals will meet with one of the pastors and another leader from our Church.

3) Get Baptized

After completing the class and the pastoral meeting, individuals will then be baptized if they have not been already.

4) Sign the Covenant

The membership process is concluded by signing the UC membership covenant.

If you are interested in membership at UC or simply have questions, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and we will get connected with you!

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