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Our desire for this group is for the women of Union to connect and grow together, and to provide a venue to invite friends / neighbors / colleagues to. The group will meet once a month, and will discuss a different book at each meeting. 

If you would like to Sign Up for the group or have Questions, please email info@unionchurchsc.com

We look forward to you joining the women of Union as we enjoy fellowship and learn with one another.  

Meeting Schedule

October 24th

Book: “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” by Samin Nosrat

In October, the gals will be picking a recipe to cook from this book and bringing it to the gathering. All women welcome!

November 21st

Book: “The Gospel Comes With A House Key” by Rosaria Butterfield

*We do not necessarily agree with everything in the books we will read through, but do think that each one is helpful in providing fruitful discussion and a variety of perspectives.

Parked Updated 11.3.18.jpg

Parked is a ministry of Union Church for moms with young children to receive fellowship, encouragement, and biblical training for life, motherhood, and family.

Every Tuesday we meet in a home, the kids are cared for by women volunteers and have fun playing, while the moms enjoy fellowship with one another and a bible study led by Laura Knoop. 

Tuesdays | 10am

9 Calle Tejado, San Clemente 92673